Kreisvolkshochschule Verden

The Adult Education Centre has represented the local authority in matters of vocational training since 1974 and combines experience with forward-looking policies. The qualified staff members are constantly looking for ways to improve and update the services, both for the people of the Landkreis Verden and beyond.
The Centre has established priorities in the following fields: Vocational training, languages, cultural education and health care. On average 80 per cent of participants are women. In addition, we have increasing numbers of seniors as well as young people attending our courses. As far as languages are concerned people can learn more than 15 different languages. Most important is of course English, but German as a foreign language attracts increasing numbers of students.

The training institution has a long tradition in offering school levels. Mostly (young) adults without qualification miss knowledge of basic German language and mathematics. Those who have migrant background reach the exam quickly, those who are functional illiterate need special methods to be successful. Without first school level people have no chance on the job market. To reach good results we work in local and regional networks with migrant organizations and official representatives for social affairs. The section of getting school levels for those who left the school early can be involved in this project. There is also a wide range of courses especially for women who want to return to a profession after having spent a time educating children.

The KVHS will bring to this project its special experience with methods to include learners with cognitive difficulties. Our special interest is to improve the qualification tools in this area. KVHS is involved in different European projects covering topics such as employment, inclusion, equality and training, as well as in lifelong learning projects. KVHS' experience in transnational communication will help to develop the learning partnership.
The KVHS is accredited by a qualification management system (LQW), a nationally recognized, independent awarding body in Germany, which accredits Adult Education Centres.