Aletheia coop. soc. a r.l.

Aletheia is a social cooperative providing social and educational services to people at risk of social exclusion.
It is settled in Torre del Greco – a town in the metropolitan area of the city of Napoli (IT)

Its region is Campania, a region targeted as objective – development in the 2007-2013 EU plan

In this context there are many risks for people to be socially escluded, because of its high percentage of unemployment

Its mission is aimed at human development and promotion through activities of training and of labour inclusion targeted to adult and young people with mental or physical disabilities and to young people at risk of social exclusion.

Aletheia carry out activities of social tourism addressed to people with disabilities, families, young people, elders.

Aletheia manage activities of the Daily Centre “Punto e a Capo”. It is aimed at social inclusion of people at risk of exclusion. The Centre is settled in Torre del Greco town and offers to the inhabitants places and spaces where experiencing social, emotional, physical practices.

Aletheia supports children and young people with cognitive difficulties in their daily school activities

Solidariety is a key word for Aletheia
It means:

To consider persons as the core of the activities carry out

To consider its activities as an engine for the improvement of shared planning with the community

Work is a key word for Aletheia
It means:

Work builds possibility of a spread system of values in the social fabric