Nieuwland Opleidingen BV

Nieuwland Opleidingen has offices in different Dutch cities. Social inclusion and active citizenship are the starting point from which we develop and give various (vocational) courses and training. We work closely together with authorities, migrant and welfare organizations, employment offices, branch organizations, schools etc. Migrants: learn the Dutch language and get acquainted with the Dutch culture in integration programs and a follow up in reintegration programs. Unemployed: ICT training for the lower and middle educated; GIS courses for the higher educated. Youngsters: vocational training programs in horticulture, hotel or catering, developed with branch organizations and schools. We work to improve methods constantly and participate in national projects like “Brede school” and “Proeftuinen”, but also in programs like ESF EQUAL 2001: EQH/0007 Vrouwen Online, 2004: EQH/0010 ZMV Vrouwen aan het werk, EQE/0031 Individuele Benadering in Aandachtswijken and EQA Spoor 11.
We want to join SU-TRA project in order to exchange expertise and enlarge competences in the area of mental/cognitive difficulties and we intend to improve our means in order to manage stressing situations for social workers.