Horizont dogodka - Inštitut za ne podredljive vednosti

Inštitut za nepodredljive vednosti (Institute for Unsubjugated Knowledge) is a private research centre from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its group of researchers includes anthropologists, ethnologists, lawyers and political science specialists. The Institute was established in 2009, however its stuff have been active in various social projects in Slovenia (the Erased, Invisible Workers of the World, initiatives of precarious workers and so forth) for years. From 2010 it has been included in the initiative Iz-hod, which is a broader initiative dedicated to persons with mental disabilities wanting to live outside closed institutions; some of these persons can be (at least partially) integrated into the labour marker. The Institute also coordinates social programmes (partially financed by the municipality of Ljubljana) for migrants and other socially unprivileged groups. In these respect, it uses the methodology of so-called collaborative (also activist, engaged etc.) research, combining research and emancipation pedagogy. Therefore, it does not recognise a strict distinction between the role of a trainer and the role of a student; same individuals sometimes function as students and at other occasions as trainers. In the project, the Institute can share its experience with other partners, for example in the field of methodology and social emancipation.