Timsoft Ltd

Timsoft Ltd is a Romanian company specialised in eLearning and mobile applications. The company has developed:
• eLearnTS - Virtual Learning Environment, in a bilingual (Romanian and English) version, which is used for online courses, virtual communities, e-collaborations and online workshops
• Cirip.eu – a microblogging platform for education and mobile marketing, used for online courses, PLE, learning enhancement, learning design; it featured Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009.
Timsoft offers over 20 online courses in Teacher Training, IT, Web2.0 Technologies in Education, Management/Marketing, Consulting for universities, companies and individual learners. Also Timsoft has an important experience in national and European educational projects related to guidance in social inclusion, consultancy for career, new technologies in education, teacher training, quality in education.
During the last year Timsoft is improving activities with people with mental/cognitive difficulties in cooperation with organisations of its network, in particular with RD Profil Consult, that will be supporting partner of SU-TRA