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Created in 2004, Casa Argentina de Málaga is an association addressed to work on immigrant integration, inter-cultural exchange and promote immigrant rights in the province of Malaga Spain). In the beginning started as an association for the Argentinean community in Malaga (more than 18.000 people) opening a space for legal advice, support and information for immigrants, developing cultural and sports activities as a way of “building community” and participating in educational processes in schools to promote inter-cultural knowledge, tolerance and prevention of xenophobia. Since 2005 Casa Argentina launched, together with more than 15 immigrants associations, a Coordination of Immigrants of Málaga, a social space to promote and defend immigrant rights. Casa Argentina has also the Office for Social rights where lawyers and social workers brings information and legal support but also several workshops on rights, internet and useful software uses, languages and Spanish culture, with the idea of inter-cultural integration.