KULTURNO DRUSTVO GMAJNA is a Slovenian non profit public association found in 2002 in order to implement cultural, educational and art activities overall in the field of cultural mediation. Its main target group are migrant workers living in boarding houses (so called dormitories for temporary workers). The association is working as “Learning Community” involving migrants and alerting the public and responsible structures on status, living and problems of migrants. In fact in Slovenia after the end of the wars in former Yugoslavia immigration has changed. So called Balkan path for migration was opened and Slovenia became transit country. Transit immigrants that tried to reach rich parts of Europe were arriving specially from Turkey and Middle East since Bosnia didn’t demand visa for the citizens of Muslim countries. In 2000 Slovenia starts to establish detention center and deploys police reinforcement to the border with Croatia. This was basically EU demand and condition for Slovenia to enter EU. The latter forced Bosnia to implement entrance visa for Muslim countries. By this Balkan path was blocked. Since than immigrants are coming again mainly from former Yugoslav countries, impoverished by wars. For them Slovenia is not transit country but target country. Immigration is either legal, based on the system of work permits or illegal. There is also considerable group of immigrants from Kosovo, specially members of minorities like Roma. KULTURNO DRUSTVO GMAJNA is also very active in alternative multimedia production as part of Social Centre in Rog. Last 4 years they have made almost 15 short documentaries on different subjects: migration, no border camp, detention centre, erased of Slovenia, euro-mayday etc... Now they are doing shooting in boarding houses in order to make a 40 minute documentary. They have also produced a DVD on ERASED called Rubbed Out (by D. Anakiev) and carried distribution.