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 Aracne is a non profit social promotion association founded in 2005 in Napoli (IT).

It is an open network of collaboration formed by project designers, researchers, multimedia and interactive operators, trainers and social workers. Its goal is to promote active citizenship, people’s rights and autonomy in a multiethnic society, through the shared development of knowledge, intercultural communication and ICT.

 Its intervention context is very disadvantaged (Campania Region is Convergence Objective 2007-2013): there are many unemployed people, in particular young and women, and the growth of immigrated population, coming from very different countries and cultures (Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, India, China, Maghreb, Africa, Southern America, East Europe, etc.), risks to become a gap instead of an opportunity for social and economic development.

Probably a better knowledge processes management can help to become aware and to seek for shared solutions for communication and cultural gaps, and for overcoming discriminations and prejudices.

In this perspective, ARACNE is engaged in social empowerment, promotion and increase of citizens’ rights, European collaboration, local development, active citizens, equal opportunities in order to give value and importance to differences and cultures. In these fields, ARACNE carries out research, plans training programmes for adult disadvantaged people, and plans management of knowledge processes using the tools and the methodology of: knowledge management, e-learning, content management, lifelong-learning, ICT, strategic communication, action-research, inter-cultural exchange and e-society.

ARACNE designs and develops projects, initiatives and operations, both on national and international levels, in co-operation with universities, research institutions, NGOs, SMEs, training organisations, local institutions, social services, schools.