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Inova Consultancy Ltd / WiTEC provides consultancy services to organizations and individuals across Europe in the area of diversity and equal opportunities. Inova has more than 10 years’ experience of regional, national and international project work, including project management, organizational development and training. Areas we cover are: Organisational change, Crosscultural communication, Managing Conflict, Equal Opportunities training, Facilitating development

and design of OD interventions, Managing diversity Inova provides specialised personal development training for women. Courses offered are: Mentoring, Positive Thinking, Developing Assertiveness, Managing conflict. Through its courses and its specific projects, Inova helps women immigrants in the UK to re-integrate into the workforce. In addition, Inova is member of the Black and Ethic Minority Forum (BME) of the Chamber of Commerce which main aim is to help BME business integrate into the mainstream. Inova currently holds the Presidency of WiTEC (European Association for Women in SET), and has a large network of contacts across Europe and on an international level. International work has included collaboration with UNESCO. Inova has extensive experience of successfully collaborating with partners in industry, higher education and associations across Europe.