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CESEP is a Belgian non profit association founded in 1978 and recognised by different public authorities (on a local, national and European level) for educational adult activities including training, research, creation of educational tools, seminars, etc. One mission of CESEP consists in training the persons of members of small non profit associations. Cesep includes a number of trainers and experts specialised in new educational approaches, ICT, training & education, and new applications of ICT to the work organisation and to educational aspects. It manages:

  • Social and professional integration through 4-month trainings for unemployed and disadvantaged people, focusing on the needs of the work market
  • Communication trainings (related to human relationships: e.g. conflict management, stress management, coaching, team management, etc.)
  • Trainings in managing social and cultural projects through analysing various cultural policies
  • Seminars on cultural and social issues (e.g. New prevention policies, Democracy and violence, Citizenship, Immigration, Gender, etc.)
  • Research and study in relation with our training specificities (e.g. teleworking)

In the field of ICT CESEP organises trainings to unemployed people, workers, or companies; computer trainings; developes Web Sites; achieves research and consultancy activities; develops evaluation tools and networking systems; achieves analysis of social and ethical consequences of the use of TIC (a critical approach to Internet; digital gap).